4.12.  Winner 2011-show Ruri was awarded for SAVING A LIFE. A day to remember !!!

 27.11.  Hyvinkää, agility. Ruri first time in Class 2. Our results: 6th and 3rd place !!!

 26.11.  Hyvinkää, Rally-O. Our first real competition. 57 points, DQ.

 5.11.  Pieksämäki, agility. Ruri gotn his last cloear round and got AgCAC and was upgraded to Class 2 !!! Hooray ! We were also 2nd in the Class !!!

 24.10.  Bella 8 years !!! CONGRATS !!!

 20.10.  Got a letter from our Kennel Club. Ruri will be awarded for saving my mum's life !!!!

 15.10.  Joensuu, agility. Ruri got 10 and 5 faults plus overtime. We werw 3rd in both courses.

 17.-18.9.  Lieksa, agility. Saturday: Ruri was DQ, got a clear round and WON !  Sunday: 2 times 15 falts plus overtime, placings 1st and 2nd, DQ in jumping course.

 11.9. Tallinn, nat. dog show. Ruri BOB, CAC, EST CH, Bella Open Class VERY GOOD/1st.

 13.-14.8.  Joensuu INT show: Ruri BM-3 R-CACIB, Jonni BM-2 BOS-VET, Bella Open Class EXC/2. Joensuu All Breeds show: Ruri BOS, Jonni BM-3 BOB-VET.

 6.8.  Joensuu, agility. Ruri 5th, DQ and 1st with a CLEAR ROUND !!! Bella 5th.

 2.-4.6.  SKV World Congress in Tånga Hed, Sweden. 2.6. Specialty: Bella Open Class EXC, Jonni VET EXC, Ruri Open Class VG.

 21.5.  Lieksa, agility.Ruri 2 times DQ, Bella 2nd with clear round with overtime and DQ.

 7.5.  Tohmajärvi dog show. Ruri became FI CH, Jonni's FIRST CH pup !!! Ruri was BOS. Jonni BM-2, BOB-VET, Bella Open Class VG.

 23.4.  Joensuu, agility. Bella got 2 WINS with clear rounds with overtime.

 22.4.  Jonni 11 years old !! CONGATS !!! Joensuu, agility. Jonni and I 5th out of 30 dogs !

 19.3.  Kuopio, agility. Ruri 6th and 8th, Bella 6th.

 5.3.  Juuka dog show. Jonni BM-2 and BOB-VET, Ruri BOB and CAC !!!

 26.2.  Joensuu, agility. Bella 1st and 2nd, Niina and Jonni 6th.

 19.2.  Tuusniemi dog show. Jonni BOB and BOB-VET, Bella BB-2, RES-CAC, Ruri BM-3, RES-CAC !!!

 17.2.2011  Ruri HD A, ED 0-0, PL 0-0 !!!

 4.12.   Unofficial agility competitions. Ruri 1st in his class, Jonni 2nd in his.

 21.11.   Ruri MH-tested. Secure to shots.

 24.10.   Bella 7 years !!! CONGRATS !!!

 23.10. Agility competitions in Joensuu. Bella was 2nd !! Jonni got DQ.

 14.9.  UPDATES: Jonni competed many times but managed to get only 6 clear rounds to Finnish Championships so just the Team cometition for us. He got many clears with overtime. 19.6. was the Team competition, he was DQ. Bella has competed with several clears with overtime and been placed among top-3 many times. Ruri has been shown with results Junior Class VERY GOOD, GOOD and in the Specialty EXCELLENT 2nd among 15 junior males ! Bella has been shown with GOOD and VERY GOOD in the Specialty. Jonni won veteran class males in the Specialty with an excellent critique but the judge did not want to give EXC to veterans so he won with VERY GOOD. Ruri and Bella were herdingtested with results EXC and GOOD. Ruri was 3rd in unofficial agility competition in 12.9. !

 8.5.  Lieksa Group show. Ruri BIR and he got his FIRST CAC !!!

 5.5.  Ruri  1 years today !!  CONGATULATIONS  !


 11.4.  Kiihtelysvaara Group dog show. Ruri Junior Class GOOD (??) and Bella Open Class GOOD.

 10.4.  Jonni did a DOUBLE CLEAR with Sirkku in Pieksämäki agility competitions !! Hooray !!

 4.4.  Lappeenranta dog show. Jonni BOB and BOB-VET ! Ruri BM-3 and RES-CAC ! Bella Open Class VG / 1st.

 28.3.  Agility training under Rauno Virta. Jonni trained with Sirkku.

 27.3.  Agility competitions in Joensuu. Bella was 2nd, Jonni 6th and 4th with Sirkku.

 13.3.  Agility competitions in Varkaus. Jonni got one CLEAR ROUND !

 6.-7.3.  Agility competitions in Lappeenranta.


 13.2.  Varkaus agility. Bella WON her class, clear round with overtime. Sirkku and Jonni were 14th and DQ.

 6.2.  Eno Group show. Bella Open Class VERY GOOD/1st.

 5.2.  RURI  9  MONTHS  TODAY !  CONGRATS ! Juniorclass awaits !

 23.1.  Turku INT Winter Dog Show. Ruri 2nd in Puppy Class with HP, Jonni BM-3 and BOS-VET, Bella Open Class VG and 1st, so she won her class ! Jonni's daughter and Ruri's sister Ruusa was BOS-Puppy ! CONGRATS ! What a DAY !

 5.1. 2010  RURI  8  MONTHS  TODAY !  CONGRATS !

 31.12.  HAPPY   NEW  YEAR   2010 !


 6.12.  Agility competitions here in Joensuu. Bella was 3rd !!! Clear round with overtime ! Great ! Jonni was 12th and 2 times DQ. He had a new leader.



 25.10.  Ruri in his first puppy show in Lahti.


 10.-11.10.  Agility competition in Siilinjärvi. Bella was 6th and 9th, Jonni was DQ in both of his starts.

 19.9.  I competed with Jonni in Pieksämäki. Clear round with overtime and 6th place in the first course. 10 and overtime on the second.

 5.9.  Regional Agility Championships in Lieksa. Jonni was 3rd overall.

 29.8.  Bella WON with a CLEAR ROUND and we were upgraded to Class 2 in agility !!! On the first Class 2 course we were placed 2nd ! Jonni and Sirkku went CLEAR on their second course and were placed 2nd !! What a day !!!

 1.-2.8.  Jonni and Sirkku competed in agility in Varkaus. On Saturday they were on 2nd place in the Junior Cup Finals for 14 to 17 year-olds. On Sunday they were on 5th place in the Youth Finnish Championships' Finals ! They got a clear round and 3rd place among 18 Class 3 dog in the qualifiers !!! Great job from both of them !!!

 4.7.  Jonni and I competed in the morning in Agirotu, in Nastola. Clear round but little over 12 secs. overtime. In the afternoon I went to get Ruri home.

 14.6.  Finnish Agility Championships in Tornio. Jonni qualified to the Finals and was in 38th place overall !!!

 23.-24.5.  Agility competions in Kuopio and Lieksa. Bella was 4th and 5th in Kuopio (23.5.) and got her FIRST WIN in Lieksa 24.5. ! Jonni got a SM-0 in Kuopio 24.5. !

 16.5.  Dog show in Varkaus. Bella Open Class VG, Open Competion Class 3, Jonni BM-4 and BOB-VET.

 5.5.  Jonni is a DAD again !! Vindi gave birth to 4 males and a bitch !! Congrats to all concerned !!!

 3.5.  Agility competitions in Joensuu. Bella was 5th and 6th, Jonni 12th and 5th and we did one CLEAR ROUND !!!

 2.5.  Tohmajärvi Group Show. We hit the jackpot ! Jonni was BOB and BOB-VET, Bella BOS and she got her  FIRST  CAC  !!!

 22.4.  HAPPY  BIRTHDAY   to  Jonni  ! He is 9 years now !!!

 10.4.  Agility competitions in Joensuu.  Bella : DQ and 2nd with a clear round with overtime.  Jonni:  10. with a fiver and overtime with Sirkku and DQ with Niina.

 4.4.  Agility competitions in Pieksämäki. Bella was DQ and 5th with a clear round with overtime.

 21.3.  Agility competitions in Siilinjärvi. In the first start we were DQ. In the second start Bella did a CLEAR ROUND and was 2nd and in the jumping course we finished 4th ! Bella needs one more clear round to qualify for Class 2 !!   :-)

 14.3.  Agility competitions in Varkaus. Bella was 4th and 5th out of 12 MINI 1 dogs.

 8.3.  Jonni back from Helsinki. He has bred FIN CH Hurradonet Östina Östanvind, Vindi, HD A, eyes clear. Puppies are expected in the beginning of May in kennel Fennican.

 7.3.  Unofficial agility competitions. Bella won one class and was DQ in the other.

 21.2.  Tuusniemi Group show. Jonni was the only male who got EXC ! He was BOS and BOB-VET ! Bella got Open Class GOOD.

 14.2.  Bella 3rd in agility competition in Varkaus !!

 10.1.  Tarto (EST), All breeds show. Jonni BOB and BOB-VET -> EST VET CH !!! Bella Open Class VERY GOOD / 1.

 1.1. 2009   WE WISH YOU A
  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  2009 !

 30.12.  Sari Vähäniitty trained us in agility. Jonni went VERY well ! :-)

  27.12.   Agility training under Tuija Kokkonen. Jonni took part.


  6.12.   Agility, Joensuu. Both dogs were placed 2nd and DQ on the other start. Jonni got his 14th clear round this year.

  21.11.   Jonni has become a dad. His first pup was born to kennel Jaxonville. He has a little bob tailled girl.

  16.11.   Bella was MH-tested in Hankasalmi.

  15.11.  Varkaus, agility. Bella 3rd, clear round with timefaults. Jonni 2nd with a clear round under the ideal time ! !

  24.10.   Bella's 5th birthday !! Congrats my darling !

  11.10. & 18.10.   Agility competitions in Siilinjärvi and Pieksämäki. Bella's best results: 6th with 13.52 and 3rd. Jonni got his 12th clear round.

  7.9.   Jonni and Sirkku won our Regional Championships here in Joensuu ! Jonni did a double clear and won by the fastest total time. So he is the  REGIONAL  AGILITY  CHAMPION of 2008  ! Sirkku and Jonni did one fault in the first class, that was not included in the Championships. By his win Jonni is now qualified to the Finnish Agility Championships in 2009.

  4.9.   Unofficial agility competitions. Jonni has a new leader: Sirkku Kouki. And he is still going strong.

  23.8.   Mikkeli, agility. Breed Championships. Jonni 3rd in Class 3 and Bella 4th in Class 1.

  22.8.   Jonni eye examinated. CLEAR eyes ! This is the last exam we do.

  3.8.   Sawo Show, INT dog show in Kuopio. Jonni again BOS and BOS-vet, Bella Open Class GOOD.

  1.8.   Sawo Show, INT dog show in Kuopio. Jonni BOS and BOS-vet, Bella Open Class VERY GOOD.

  12-13.7.   Agility in Boden, Sweden. Bella's best result: clear round with little under 12 secs overtime. Jonni got DQ and 3 clear rounds with placings 5th, 3rd and 5th. He earned S AgCAC from his 3rd place and he can now call himself a S Ag CH !! He is the 2nd Vall in Finland (and in the world) that has this title !!!

  6.7.   WDS in Stockholm. Jonni VET EXC 3rd, Bella Open Class VERY GOOD.

  15.6.   Finnish Agility Championships in Varkaus. Jonni did a CLEAR ROUND in the qualifier and was 36th among 126 dogs !! He was qualified to the finals !!! There he and Niina were disqualified. But he did a fine job by qualifying !

  7.6.   Jonni hit the jackpot in Pieksämäki All Breeds show ! Jonni was BOB and BOB-vet, Bella Open Class VERY GOOD.

  25.5.   Bella competed in agility in Lappeenranta. She was 6th on the first course and DQ on the second.

  17.5.   Joensuu dog show. Jonni was BD-2 and BOB-vet !! In the BIS-vet ring he was among the Top-8 but was not placed in the Top-4. The judge here was Nils Molin.

  26.4.   Agility competitions here in Joensuu. Bella got 2.39 and was 3rd !!! Jonni got his 9th clear round and was 2nd !! BOTH DOGS were placed among top 3 !!!

  22.4.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jonni !! He is 8 now.

  12.4.   Agility competition in Pieksämäki. Bella got DQ. Did a clear round but touched a wrong fence -> DQ ! Jonni had one DQ and one clear round (his 8th).

  5.4.   Agility competition in Varkaus. Bella competed. We got our 2nd best result so far.

  30.3.   Jonni is The SV of the Year 2007 !

  29.3.   Bella got her FIRST CLEAR ROUND in agility today in Siilinjärvi !!! We were placed 3rd among 13 competitors !! I'm in Heaven !!! :-)

  21.3.   Jonni got 2 clear rounds in Joensuu agility competitions. He is now qualified to WC-qualifiers !! Bella and I got also 2 results with placings: 11th and 9th ! WHAT  A  DAY !

  23.2.   We competed in agility in Haparanda, Sweden. Niina led Jonni to a double clear ! They were placed 7th in both classes out of 29 in the jumping and 30 in the agility class.

  8.2.   Varkaus agility competitions.

  3.2.   Bella 2nd in unofficial agility competition. She got her FIRST CLEAR ROUND with just a little overtime !! WOW !

  2.2.   Eno dog show. Jonni BOS, Bella Open Class GOOD.

  20.1.2008   Jonni's Nord CH -title has been confirmed in our Kennel Club !

  31.12.   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 !


  6.12.   Agility competitions here in Joensuu. Bella got a result and then was DQ, Jonni got 2 x one-faulter and one clear round (his 10th this year !!) with very fast times. Placings: 7th, 2nd and 3rd ! Niina was leading him !

  24.11.   Agility competitions in Kajaani. Bella got her second result !

  3.11.   Vyborg (RUS), national CAC-show:
Jonni CAC, BOB, Group-3 and RUS CH !!! Bella got her FIRST CAC and was BOS !!!

  28.10.   Bella was 5th in unofficial agility competition today here in Joensuu !!

  24.10.   Today is Bella's 4th Birthday !!! Congratulations to my little lady !!

  20.10.   Regional Championships here in Joensuu. Jonni won one class with a clear round with the fastest time of all 18 dogs and was 4th on the other class. On the final results he had the best overall score so he is the new  REGIONAL  AGILITY  CHAMPION of 2007  and thus secured his place on the Finnish Championships in 2008 !! Niina led Jonni this time.

  13.10.   Agility competitions in Kajaani. Bella was 4th in MINI1, Jonni was placed 9th twice and once in the 13th place. Bella got her first result !!!

  7.10.   Match Show. Jonni was in Veteran Class and won his pair. He won Veterans (winners). Bella was in Open Class and won her pair but was not placed. Jonni was BIS-3 (winners) and Jonni & Bella were Best Brace-2 !

  15.9.   Jonni and I were in 3rd place in Pieksämäki !

  8.9.   Agility competitions in Varkaus. Jonni was led by Jari Lukkarinen. Results: both courses with just one fault and both under the ideal time !!! Great job !!! Thanks Jari !!!

  2.9.   Our dog club's  (JoA) first official agility competitions ! Jonni got one decent result with 5 faults and 6th place.

  25.8.   Agility competitions in Maaninka. Jonni was 5th in both classes. We had clear rounds, just timefaults.

  20.8.   We competed in unofficial agility competition here in Joensuu. Bella was 4th in her class and Jonni 3rd in his.

  11.8.   Jonni BOB in Karelia Show here in Joensuu. Bella got Open Class VERY GOOD !!!

  28-29.7.   Jonni and I competed in agility in Boden, Sweden. This was our first competition abroad. Alas, no success this time. Better luck next time.

  21-22.7.   WC-qualifiers. Jonni was 28th on the 2nd start on Saturday and qualified himself for the next day. I opted not to stay. We were among those 51 dogs out of 97 competitors who qualified to the finals on Sunday.

  15.7.   Me and Jonni started our agility career again in Maaninka.

  30.6.  Herding test. Jonni showed VERY GOOD HERDING INSTINCT !!!

  16-17.6.  Finnish Championships in agility. No success for us this time.

  2-3.6.   Agility competitions in Helsinki.

  26.5.   Dog show in Iisalmi.

  20.5.   Agility competitions in Lieksa.

  17.5.   Jonni competed in agility in Pieksämäki today. He got 2 clear rounds and was 3rd and 4th in his classes.

  12.5.   Today Jonni and Niina competed in obedience here in Joensuu. They got 122p which is a 3rd prize result in Class I (Novice Class).

  6.5.   Group show in Tohmajärvi. Jonni was BOS again (3rd time this year !) and Bella got Open Class VERY GOOD so her grades are improving !

  28.4.   Group show in Kiuruvesi. Jonni was BOS and Bella got Open Class GOOD.

  22.4.   Jonni has his 7th birthday ! HUGS AND KISSES to my Love !

  15.4.   Bella and I had a training session in agility under our coach Tuija Kokkonen. We had loads of fun !

  6.4.   In today's agility competitions here in Joensuu Jonni and Niina got their 10th clear round !!!

  1.4.   Yet another unofficial agility competitions !! Bella - and I - did better job than yesterday and we got a result today also !!! Jonni won his class today like he did yesterday.

  31.3.   Unofficial agility competitions. Bella got her FIRST RESULT and was 3rd in the beginners class !! Jonni won his class.

24.3.   Clear round victory in agility in Siilinjärvi !

17.3.   Obedience competition in Pieksämäki:   3rd prize. Agility competition in Varkaus:   clear round and disqualified.

4.3.   Jonni is The SV of the Year 2006 !!!

24.2.   Jonni was with Niina in a dog show in Tuusniemi. Jonni was BOS !!!

17.2.   Bella and I trained agility under the eyes of our coach Tuija Kokkonen. It was hard but educating !

10.2.   Jonni and Niina got 2 clear rounds with placings in Varkaus agility competition thus securing their place in this year's Finnish Agility Championships !

3.2.   Yesterday we trained and today both dogs were entered in an unoff. agility competition. Jonni won his class.

15.1.   Eye examination. Both dogs had CLEAR eyes.

1.1. 2007    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

9.12.   Swedish Winner-show: Jonni was BD-2 !!! Bella was breed examinated during our visit to Sweden.

20.11.   Jonni's FIN AgCH -diploma came today !

4.11.   We were in Kuopio competing in agility. Niina and Jonni got a clear round and placed 2nd and they won the Gambler ! Bella and I placed as last in the Gambler, but got a valuable experience.

24.10.   Bella is a birthday girl ! She will be 3 years old today !

14.10.   Jonni and Niina competed in agility in Kajaani. They got one more clear round qualifier !

7.10.   Jonni is a new FIN AgCH !! He won two classes today in Joensuu !

1.10.   Bella and I competed in our FIRST agility competitions today ! Our result in the unofficial class was disqualified !

23.9.   Jonni and Niina WON their FIRST agility competition in Varkaus with a CLEAR ROUND !!! Thank YOU, Niina !!

17.9.   Agility competition in Iisalmi. Jonni got our FIRST qualifying clear round for the next year's Finnish Championships !

9.9.   Obedience competition, Joensuu. Novice class. Result: 71 points, no prize. Jonni could not perform in the rain.

19.8.   Agility competition in Joensuu. Jonni got disqualified on the second course.

12.8.   Vuokatti Dog Fest, Sotkamo, Group show. Jonni was BOB and Bella got Open Class VERY GOOD. We did not stay for the Groups.

  4-5.8.   Sawo Show, Kuopio, All breeds + Int show. Jonni's results: yesterday BOS with a very good critique, today also BOS with CACIB and a smashing critique ! Bella did well also: yesterday Very good and today Good.

  2.8.   Match Show. Jonni was 5th in Open Class Reds, Bella got a Blue, was not placed. Also no placing in the pair-class.

  27.7.  Jonni and I competed in obedience in Lieksa yesterday. The result : 151 points, 2nd prize.

  17.7.   Yesterday we competed in agility with Jonni. Two placings and near clear rounds ! Well done my boy !!

  21.6.  Bella has been with us a year now ! Today is the date when we fetched her from Sweden ! Thanks goes to her owner/breeder Maud Hedberg !!!

  20.6.  Agility Championchips: Jonni and I got disqualified ! Sadly !

  28.5.  Bella's result in Joensuu all breed dog show: Open Class VERY GOOD, Competition Class 2.

  13.5. Jonni: Obedience
2nd Prize
Beginners/Novice Class.

  11.5.  Bella was eye examined.

  6.5.  Bella was charactertested.

  14.4.  We got the LAST clear round !!!

  14.4.  Jonni competes in agility !

2.3.   Plans:
1.4. Polvijärvi show
14.3. Bella :
bloodtest + microchip

  Tuusjärvi (yesterday) :
Jonni BD-2, Bella Open Class GOOD.
Eno (today) :
Jonni BOS, Bella Open Class GOOD.

5.2.  The results of health exams of Bella:
knees PL 0-1 (normal-nearly normal)
elbows : ED 0-0 (healthy) !
Jonni got his 5th clear round in Varkaus !!

22.1.  The first competition is on the 4th of February: there is an agility competition in Varkaus and Jonni has been entered there !

1.1. 2006  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

2.12.  Seasons Greetings from All of Us to All of You !!!

12.11. Jonni got his 4th clear round in Varkaus today !!!

24.10.  Bella 2 years !!

22.10.  In Joensuu Jonni got 2 more clear rounds in agility !!!

15.10. Kajaani agility :
Jonni got a clear round !

1.10. Oulu INT dog show :
Bella 2nd prize in quality judging in the intermediate class.

24.9.  Today we trained agility with both dogs. Both went well !!

20.9.   Bella has started her agility training and she is doing great.

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