Hi! I am Outi Huuskonen and I graduated from the University of Joensuu in 2004, Statistics as my major. I am a  Master of Social Sciences. I was born in 1968 in Kontiolahti (about 30 kms from Joensuu) but I have lived my whole life in Joensuu. My marital status is single.  I have done everything from judo to shooting. I have also flown with small aeroplanes and I had a private pilot's license for plane types: Cessna, Piber.

I have always loved animals ! My first pet was a cat named "Mikki" ("Mickey") who was a girl, not a boy, although her name says something else. She had two litters before she was neutered. I used to have an aquarium too. First I had just guppies but then I got more and more species. The fish were nice but furry animals are much nicer !! First I got myself a gerbil, then I got two and after a while I had 3. We also had a guinea pig, a rabbit (called "Väiski" = "Bugs" !) and a black-and-white rat.

 Dogs have always been my soft spot ! I have always wanted one, even as a little girl. I got my first dog when I was about 7. Her name was "Simmu" and she was a Carelian Bear Dog. She was six when I got her and she had many happy years with us until it was time to part with her.        Pages of Simmu

 The next dog was a husky bitch called "Musi". I went to shows with her and tried a bit of agility and obedience too.  "Musi" was with me 13 years before I had to put her to sleep because of epileptic seizures she has. She got epilepsy following a pyoderma operation. She had a lack of oxygen into her brains while she was operated because of the blood loss and that caused the illness. When "Musi" died I decided I was NEVER going to have another dog...                             

 Some people - like myself - cannot live without a dog ! So, I got my next one the summer my beloved "Musi" died, the summer of 2000.        Pages of Musi

So, "Jonni" came to my life in the year of 2000. He has taugth me all the things you can do with dogs: going to shows, obedience training, agility trials.... the lot !  With "Jonni" we have been to a number of dog shows. And the results have been more than expected. His first big win (and a title) came in 2001 when he was BOS and NordW-01 in Tuusula Nordic Winner show. He was still in Junior Class, only 15 months of age !!  He got his Ch title in 2002 quite soon after his 2-year-old birthday and he has been succesfull ever since.

He is the first of my dogs who has become a Ch and not "just" that: he has also been winning CACs and CACIBs in Sweden, Norway and Estonia and so becoming an INT Ch as well ! His whole title is INT NORD FIN S N EST Ch NordicW-01 !!! So with "Jonni" I have also travelled abroad ! Which when you have a dog like him is nice because he always delivers in the show ring !!! In 2007 he added yet another title to his "list": RUS CH. He was BOB and BIG-3 (his second Gruop placing)  in All breed show in Vyborg, Russia.
Among all those titles he has had numerous placing among Best Male-class and several BOBs and BOSs. His best placing as a pup was BIS-3-pup and as an adult Group-3 ! Jonni is now competing in Veteran class and he already have BOB-vet wins under his belt ! Once a show dog, always a show dog ! In 2009 he was both BOB and BOB-VET in a show in Tartu, Estonia and thus Jonni became EST VET CH, so he has 2 titles from Estonia. Jonni's all show titles are now, according the new way of writing the country codes:  CIB  NORD FIN SE NO EE RU CH  EE VET CH  NordicW-01.

The "main thing" at the moment is agility, although we have competed in obedience, too. He has gotten a 1st prize in the Beginners class in obedience, but agility is his niché. We have progressed to the top level of the sport. He is the first dog I have trained to this level and the first one with whom I have competed.

 Our first competition was in 2001 and since then we have gone through the classes and are now competing in Class III (MINI dogs) and even have had several clear rounds in this class. We have even won one competition with a clear round and that was the first result of the three clear round wins needed for the AgCh title !!! We still have some goals we have not reached yet: I want to get that AgCh title for "Jonni" and I want to compete in the Finnish Championchips for Individuals. We have twice competed in the Team competition but the Individuals is my goal for the year of 2006.
 In 2006 Jonni got his final results for the CH title so he is now a brand new FIN AgCH !!!
My wildest dreams were realized when in July 13th 2008 Jonni and Niina did a clear round and were placed 3rd in Boden, Sweden, and Jonni became the second SV in the world to be awarded the S AgCH -title !!!!
Jonni has also been Regional Agility Champion  TWICE : in years 2007  with Niina Leinonen and in 2008  with Sirkku Kouki.
Jonni has been competin in Finnish Agility Championships 4 times and gotten to the Finals twice.  Last year with Niina Leinonen the pair was DQ but this year (2009) with Sirkku they were placed 38th out of 129 dogs ! And they were also 5th in the Youth Finnish Championships in 2009 in Varkaus !!!
So Jonni's whole title goes :   FIN & SE AgCH  CIB & NORD & FIN & SE & NO & EE & RU CH  EE VET CH  NORDW-01 !!!!  Quite a lot ?? :-)

I have now another dog in training and I hope she will become my next competitive dog. The thing I like about agility is the speed and the dangerous situations you get yoursel into when excecuting the course. All things happen so quickly you have no time for error ! Also the dogs LOVE it so that is the best reason for doing this. Also the people you meet in the competitions are nice and we have got a lot of new friends from all over this country !!
I have had many excellent coaches, among the most famous are the Briton Jonathan Watts, and Finns Pete Huotari and Janita Leinonen. In addition to competing I am also a qualified agility instructor and I have given lessons to lower level dogs. In 2008 I became a trained functioner in agility, that means that I can be an official in agility competitions.

Horses are my other favourite animals. I have alwasy been a "horsey girl" ! First my favourites were ponies, like a white shetland pony called "Feni" ("Ferdinand") and the Welsh "Lyntty" ("Lynett") who were living at the riding school near us. I took my first riding course when I was able to mount a horse (PONY) on my own, at the age of 10 in 1978. Since that year horses have been a BIG part of my life !!

 I have owned two horses in my life. Or one and one-and-a-half. My first horse was a co-owned Finnish Cold blood mare "Amarit" and the second a Standardbred-Russian trotter-cross "Stana", who was ALL MINE !!! I bought "Stana" when he was only 3 in 1986 and he has been with me ever since !!! He was supposed to become a trotter but he was not fast enough so he became my ride. I have trained him to a lower level dressage horse and he also had a lot of talent for show jumping. I competed with him for several years both in dressage and in show jumping but now he is a pensioner. After his competitive career he was used for pleasure riding and driving. He is good to drive and I have driven with him a C-licence for trotting drivers. At the moment "Stana" spends his pensioner days in a farm about 20 kms from us and he is a very happy and still a very alert old boy. I will keep him as long as he is healthy, because he has earned that. He was a good companion for several years in the competitive arena so he does deserve some nice retirement years! I don't know if I am going to get another horse after he is gone but at the moment the dogs take so much of my time that I do not have time for another hobby.  To my great sorrow I had to put Stana down just before Christmas in 2007. He is buried near our sommer cottage just 20 kms from where I live. I will never forget him.
Pages of   Amarit
     and        Stana

I have also breeding ambitions when it comes to the dogs. I took a Course for Dog Breeders in 2003 and passed it with points 40 out of 45. I applied for a kennel name which I got during that same year. My kennel name is Vilavallarens. My goal was to breed dogs but first I had to get me a bitch ! I searched and searched but there were no one available. But in the spring of 2005 all that changed ! There was an adult bitch for sale in Sweden. Her pedigree was impeccable and also suitable to be used with my male. After a lot of E-mail correspondence and even a few phone calls all were sorted and "Bella" was mine. Her real name is "Heds Bellis De Lux" and she moved to live with us in the summer of 2005. At the moment I am a proud owner of THREE Valls. "Bella" was born in 2003 and she is going to be my brood bitch. She has had all the health checks that I want my dogs to have: her hips are healthy, her eyes and elbows are also healthy and one of her knees is healthy and the other nearly normal. She has gone to few shows both here and in Sweden and she has got some nice critique.
Bella has also been Breed examinated (in Sweden), charactertested and herding tested and also started her competitive career in agility (Class MINI I). She has been shown with several Open Class VERY GOOD results so I am very pleased with my lovely little girl from Sweden ! In 2008 Bella got her first clear round result in agility and I am hoping to move her up a level this year to Class 2. Bella's best result in shows have been BOS and CAC from Vyborg, Russia  (autumn 2007) and Open Class VERY GOOD from WDS from Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. In fall 2008 Bella was MH-tested (another type of character test) and she was the only Vall out of five tested that got 1 from shooting. 1 = no reaction. In march 2009 we got our 2nd qualifying clear round result in agaility and we need only one to be upgraded to Class 2. She has been placed 3 times in 2009 so this year has started well. Bella was also BOS and got her FIRST Finnish CAC in Tohmajärvi dog show in 2.5. 2009 !!!
My THIRD Valls is Jonni's son, Ruri (Fennican Rurik Jonnisson, born 5.5. 2009). Jonni has sired 2 litters and there has been 1 bitch in the first litter and 1 bitch, 3 males in the second.

I am a member of several dog organisations:
Suomen Kennelliitto (Finnish Kennel Club)
Länsigöötanmaanpystykorvat-Västgötaspetsen ry (the Finnish breed organisation)
Specialklubben för Västgötaspets (SKV) (the Swedish breed organisation)
Joensuun Seudun Palveluskoirat (JoSePa)
American Swedish Vallhund Society (ASVS)  
Joensuun Agilityurheilijat (JoA)

Pohjois-Karjalan Noutajakoirayhdistys ry
and I am also a supporting member of
Suomen Koirankasvattajat ry (Finnish Dog Breeders Association) .